Good health is good for business

It’s time to cultivate the culture of your organisation by giving your staff the tools they need to live and work as healthier, more motivated and productive individuals.

Feel Fresh Nutrition works with companies, small and large, all over New Zealand, to deliver bespoke corporate wellness programs, nutrition seminars and cooking demonstrations, with the goal of inspiring change and motivating your employees to understand their health and well-being risks.

We endeavour to be forward-thinking and progressive with our offerings, and engage with staff to ensure workplace wellness is fun, approachable and ultimately valuable for your team!

Some of the companies we’ve worked with…

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Our offerings

1) Signature Seminars

Our interactive, fun and engaging educational seminars encourage behaviour change and positive new habits. We’re happy to tailor seminar to your specific audience - simply enquire within!

    Our “need-to-know” seminar, focused on key nutrition and health concepts for the busy working professional. We delve into “the typical working day” and how today’s modern lifestyle poses challenges to our health; looking at important concepts like managing sleep and blood sugar levels, building a healthy day-on-a-plate, and tips for a positive relationship with energy ‘band-aids’ (sugar, caffeine and alcohol). A great place to start when introducing staff to concepts of health!
    Time: 60 minutes (45-50 minutes presenting + 10-15 minutes Q+A)

    This popular seminar delves into overcoming challenges and barriers to living a healthier lifestyle within the modern world. Powerful, practical and fun, we chat through key practical concepts, including budgeting, meal planning & preparation, and organising your kitchen. Staff will leave with plenty of new ideas to tailor-fit into their lives! Fabulous for families or busy staff members.
    Time: 60 minutes (45-50 minutes presenting + 10-15 minutes Q+A)


    A collaborative seminar with Auckland Physiotherapy, join highly regarded Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor Helen Dudley, and Founder of Feel Fresh Nutrition Abbie O’Rourke for an interactive seminar that focuses on how to energise yourself at work. Expect nutritional tips you can include to increase concentration and energy levels, how to integrate in beneficial movement without needing activewear, easy speedy workplace meals ideas; and creating an energised body through breathing, movement and posture tips. Staff are left with a positive view on how they can interact with their work day to manage weight, energy, concentration and reduce aches and pains. Time: 60 minutes

“All companies need to listen to this, there are so many things that we can change to improve our energy and health that don’t take up time. It is about integrating them into the team’s habits and culture. It's genius!”
- Sustainable Coastline 2019


    Emotional eating practices have really ramped up the last few years, due to our food environment, and both the lifestyle and social pressures many men and women are experiencing. In this powerful workshop, Feel Fresh Nutrition’s Emily White will be exploring the world of body image and mindfulness, opening up on an alternative diet culture, and will provide an introduction on intuitive eating skills to attendees and some useful tools to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. Emily has completed further training under The Australian Centre for Eating Disorders.
    Time: 60 minutes

2) Cooking Demonstrations

Our cooking demonstrations perfectly merge the culinary and nutrition world, and are a great way to showcase to staff just how easy it can be to whip up delicious healthy meals in their own home!

    Our interactive sessions showcase tips and tricks when prepping food and ways we can maximise nutrition in the kitchen. Depending on your preference, staff can enjoy samples or a fully catered meal, prepared in front of them by us!
    Cooking demonstrations are run by our Registered Nutritionist Danijela Unkovich, who has completed culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu, London.
    Time: typically one hour, but tailorable - enquire within

3) Bespoke Long-Term Workplace Wellbeing Programs

We deliver long term nutritional programs for your employees, completely tailorable to your requirements. This is our favourite way to work with employees and where we see the greatest change.

  • Our programs range from 3-12+ months depending on the size and demands of your business or organisation.  After answering a detailed questionnaire, we will propose to you a tailored nutritional program based on your specific needs, budget considerations and goals.

  • Packages may include, but is not limited to: educational seminars, cooking demonstrations, meal plans, tailored resource content (e.g. blogs, articles) and internal staff communications (e.g. emails, Yammer, Workplace…)

Feel Fresh Nutrition was extremely professional, easy to work with, energetic, passionate and created an informative and engaging presentation for our people. They delivered on offering our people technical advice, as well as practical support to help our people transform good intentions into permanent lifestyle changes.
Feel Fresh are full of great ideas to continue our Wellbeing journey and are dedicated to ensuring this bespoke 3-month programme is an absolute success!
— Hannah, Westpac Internal Communications Manager Human Resources and Corporate Affairs

Abbie and Danijela recently presented to our Support Office team which has resulted in a wave of conscious healthy lifestyle choices throughout the office. Not only was their presentation practical and relatable but the information they presented has hugely impacted the lifestyles of those who attended. Everyone is sharing their updates on how they are implementing the advice that were given! The best feeling is knowing that we brought in the best for our team, I couldn’t recommend Feel Fresh Nutrition enough!
— Bunnings Support Centre, Auckland

With a well-rounded presentation, Feel Fresh Nutrition left the staff talking about them for weeks afterwards! Their passion and love of nutrition made them an easy choice who we will definitely use again!
— James. Colenso BBDO, Auckland

We at Lodestar believe people come first. The Health and Well-being of our employees are of the utmost importance to us. That is why we team up with like-minded partners like Feel Fresh Nutrition. We recently had the pleasure of joining a workshop offered by Super Foodies Abbie and Danijela. What an amazing experience! They are subject matter experts, fresh thinking and innovative. They gave us valuable advice and the buzz can still be felt in the office. We can hardly wait for the next visit!
— Ilze-Michelle Botha. Oji Fibre Solutions, Auckland

As the garbage guts of the office, my colleagues were rather surprised to hear that I had organised a nutritional seminar. But what a wonderful decision it was. The presentation was insightful, informative and tailored towards our working habits. Everyone was very impressed. Ten out of ten celery sticks.
— Scott. True, Auckland

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