Do you identify with the following things:

  • Your ‘good’ food days look very different to your ‘bad’ food days. You seem to eat well right up until you ‘fall off the wagon’ then feel out of control.

  • You struggle with overeating or bingeing which is followed by extreme feelings of guilt and shame.

  • You seem to always be seeking out the next diet, thinking it will be different this time. Monday often marks the start of a new diet that you can never seem to stick with. You know longer trust your body or your internal hunger cues.

  • You are so overwhelmed with the contradictory information in the media that you just don’t know what to eat anymore.

What the package consists of:

  • 1 x 90 minute initial consultation

  • 3 x 45 minute weekly follow up consultations

  • Fortnightly 30 minute follow ups for the remaining 8 weeks (4 in total)


  • $1260.00


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Emily White
Disordered Eating Nutritionist

Sick of constantly fighting food and your body? You can find peace with your food—allowing you to focus on all the other important relationships in your life.

Emily offers one-on-one consultations from a non-restrictive, self-compassion perspective, which means she will never tell you to deprive yourself or ban certain foods from your life. Instead, she can help you recognise the diet culture in your life, disregarding it to tune into your body's own inner wisdom about how to truly nourish yourself.  

Emily has a holistic approach which is complemented by scientific research so you can take confidence in her advice. While Emily can address all areas of nutrition, she is passionate about improving relationships with food and is experienced with treating reproductive issues such as PCOS and endometriosis with an empathetic, non-restrictive approach.

Working with Emily can help you if you identify with the following:

  • A history of on/off dieting and feeling like you have tried every diet under the sun.

  • Have engaged with disordered eating patterns such as inappropriate emotional eating, binge-eating, or periods of restriction.

  • Constantly thinking about food and feel like it consumes you.

  • You have issues with body image and the way that you look.

  • You have been diagnosed with a health condition such a PCOS, endometriosis or diabetes and are struggling with the restrictive guidelines for treating that condition.

Emily’s treatments:

  • How to distinguish an eating-disorder from disordered eating and how to improve your relationship with food.

  • To understand and motivate individuals with eating disorders.

  • With you can build a comprehensive treatment plan to free you from compulsive thoughts.

  • Help you to improve your own body image

  • Helping those who have had long-term struggles with weight.