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Have health insurance?

When you work alongside a Registered Nutritionist, your health insurance plan may cover all or some of your appointment cost.
Please review your health insurance policy to determine whether you're eligible for cover.


Individual & Couple Consultations

Initial Consultation (60min)
Individuals $210.00 (60mins) / Couples $336.00 (90 mins)
Once you have booked, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page prior to your consultation.
Please note: Anyone under the age of 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult. 

Follow Up Consultation (30min)
Individuals $97.00 (30mins) / Couples $149.00 (45mins)



Our packages are where we see the best results. By signing up for a package, we see a deep commitment from our clients towards their health and wellness goals, and it is our responsibility to help them achieve results from start to finish. We generally recommend a follow-up pace of 1x consult every 2 weeks, but this can be adjusted to your schedule and needs.

Six week package
Price: $450
1x one hour initial consultation + 3x 30 minute follow-up consultations

Three month package
Price: $846
1x one hour initial consultation + 5x 30 minute follow-up consultations + weekly food diary assesement

Six month package
Price: $1349
1x one hour initial consultation + 12x 30 minute follow-up consultations + weekly food diary assessment

6 x 30 minute follow-up concession cards

Price: $519 (usually $582, save $63 - just over 10%)
6 x 30 minute follow-up appointments

6 x 15 minute follow-up concession cards
Price: $270 (usually $300, save $30 - save 10%)
6 x 15 minute follow-up appointments

What to expect?

Initial consultation are our starting point for first-timers in the clinic, and can be booked as a lone consultation or as a part of one of our packages.

During an initial consultation:

  • We will assess your current lifestyle and eating habits to establish your food preferences and routines.

  • Any relevant essential measurements will be taken, which may, but is not limited to, include height, weight, body fat percentage, body mass index and lean mass.

  • Most importantly, we get to know you and explore your relationship with food.

  • From these measures, a tailored caloric calculation can be done to ensure your meal plan is specific to your body composition.

  • We will collaboratively work with you to create a nutrition program will be tailored to your personal needs.

  • You will be educated on various health topics that are imperative to your success.

Our follow-up consultation are for those who have already had an initial consultation. Here:

  • We check in on your progress towards your nutrition and health goals.

  • We discuss what’s working/not working, and any challenges or barriers you may be facing, and help problem solve to ensure you have the tools needed to move forward.

  • Any relevant measurements we may be tracking are retaken.

  • Information you are already familiar with is builded on, with content adjusted to your goals and priorities.

  • Modifications are made to your plan, as needed.

So, now what?

  1. Pick your package or consultation

  2. Book your consult here

  3. Please fill out your personal history form at the bottom of this page prior to your consultation.

  4. Get excited. Change is a comin'.

If you need more information, we are always happy to help. Please email Abbie or Danijela.

I went to see Abbie before my wedding last year to lose weight and to receive guidance around nutrition to support my training levels. I was so happy with the results! I was given meal plans that were really easy to follow with food I enjoyed. It both supported my training as well as weight loss! I had a lot more energy and my performance also increased. On my wedding day I felt incredibly confident and so happy. Since then the information Abbie gave me I can use for the rest of my life.
— Christine, Auckland

Personal History Form

Once you have booked a consult, please fill out this form:

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