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We have individual consults available (see below) but this is where we see the BEST results. By signing up for a package, our clients show that they are completely committed to improving their health and it is our responsibility to achieve results from start to finish. 

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Individual Consultations

Your Initial Consultation (60min)

  • We assess your current lifestyle and eating habits to establish food preferences and routines.

  • Your essential measurements will be taken including height, weight, body fat percentage and lean mass.

  • Most importantly, we get to know you and explore your relationship with food.

  • From these measures, a tailored caloric calculation can be done to ensure your meal plan is specific to your body composition.

  • A nutrition program will be tailored to your personal needs.

  • You will be educated on various health topics that are imperative to your success.

Individuals $210.00 (60mins) / Couples $336.00 (90 mins)
Once you have booked, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page prior to your consultation.
Please note: Anyone under the age of 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult. 

Your Follow Up Consultation (30min)

A standard follow-up consultation is where we track your progress and modify your diet in areas if required. Your essential measurements will be taken again, and you will have an informative session to assist you to make the changes in order to reach your goals.
We discuss any lifestyle issues including budgeting, taste, exercise, work etc. that may be effecting your diet plan/success.
Individuals $97.00 (30mins) / Couples $149.00 (45mins)

I went to see Abbie before my wedding last year to lose weight and to receive guidance around nutrition to support my training levels. I was so happy with the results! I was given meal plans that were really easy to follow with food I enjoyed. It both supported my training as well as weight loss! I had a lot more energy and my performance also increased. On my wedding day I felt incredibly confident and so happy. Since then the information Abbie gave me I can use for the rest of my life.
— Christine, Auckland

Once you have booked a consult, please fill out this form:

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