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The Weight-loss Package

Weight-loss. It is simple in theory, but why is it so hard? 

We have individual consults available but if you are serious about your goal we encourage you to use our packages – this is where we see the most effective results. We are 100% committed to you so we want to see a commitment from your side. Seeing us regularly keeps you accountable, it means we can jump hurdles as soon as they arise, you stay on track, have full support and avoid plateaus. 

No two bodies are the same, so what worked for your brother/sister-in-law/workmate most probably will not work for you. However, fear not, it is actually so simple. It is science. Let the experts take charge.  Our clients arrive flabbergasted at the exhaustive amount of conflicting weight-loss information available to them. Wanting to change your body composition, whether it be to lose body fat, gain muscle or be in maintenance mode requires PERSONALISED information in order to achieve great results.  

Firstly, we ASSESS the following:

  • Current lifestyle and eating habits

  • Weight history

  • Current body composition

  • Age

  • Hormonal status

  • Level of physical activity

  • Budget

  • Stress levels

  • Living situation

  • Food preferences and your relationship with food.

Then from these measures:

We make a personalised caloric calculation which dictates your nutritional program and meal plan. This is an informative session to provide you with the necessary information you need to proceed. 

Each fortnight we will have a 30min follow-up consult. These sessions track progress and modify your diet if required. We are here to motivate you, answer questions and find solutions. Your meal plan is updated fortnightly to ensure you do not plateau and to keep up with your changing body composition. 

pick your package:

Pick your package from the following options. We work very quickly but be realistic as to how long you need to reach your goal. We help clients achieve their goals from 2kg - 100kg+ weight-loss.

  • 6 Week Weight-loss Package: $450.00 Includes 4 consults.

  • 3 Month Weight-loss Package: $846.00 Includes 6 consults and weekly food diary assessment.

  • 6 Months Weight-loss Package: $1349. The FULL package.


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  4. Get excited. Change is a comin'.

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