After a long day at work it can be all too tempting to take a nose-dive onto the couch and speed-order Uber Eats. Are we right, or are we right?

While we’re advocates for prepping meals ourselves wherever we can, as it’s great way to save money, work towards health and wellness goals, and even expand culinary horizons…truth be told, Uber Eats does have some pretty awesome options available that, not only taste pretty darn delicious, but are nourishing for the body too. Hear, hear.

Here’s our five picks of our favourite dishes and restaurants right now to order on Uber Eats within the city area!

Yeah Bowl - Britomart & Takapuna

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 7.19.43 AM.png

Poke Bowl’s galore - pick your choice of signature dish (with varying protein content and flavours) and then tailor on Uber Eats your bowl size, carb-content (rice or salad for the low-carb enthusiasts), and whether you want avocado or not (is that even a question? Yaaaas I want avocado).

We love how Yeah Bowl locally source ingredients, use in-house sauces, and celebrate seasonal goods. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Our menu pick: the Salmon Supreme - salmon, cucumber, edamame, white onion, seasoned seaweed, pineapple, yeah sauce, smashed wasabi peas, and coconut crisps. Get in those omega-3’s!

Bird on a Wire - Ponsonby Central

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 8.37.26 AM.png

Forever a Bird on a Wire fan - and what’s not to love? With their classic offering of free-range rotisserie chooks, served alongside wholesome salads and other goodies; we adore their ethos of serving up “real wholesome food”, that’s tasty to boot too!

Our menu pick: order your choice of free-range chook size (quarter/half/whole), then add your choice of fresh, seasonal, in-house prepped salad. Great way to get in a good protein intake + variety of veg!

Cali Press - Parnell & Auckland CBD

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 8.32.55 AM.png

Sandwich heroes - the guys at Cali Press take the humble lunch classic to new nutritious heights.

We’re a big fan of their selection of toast toppers, which consist of a slice of quality bread (with gluten-free options too) topped with an assortment of nutritious goods. Toast can be such a fabulous vehicle for getting in nutritious ingredients, and can be a good source of dietary fibre - the key with bread is quality, as with anything in nutrition. Get one, or two - mix it up. Eat it. Enjoy it.

Our menu pick: the toast topper selection - we love the Salmon Smash: smoked salmon, edamame and pea smash, lemon and chili flakes; and the AB and Berry: crunchy almond butter, berry compote and hemp seeds.

Little Bird Unbakery - Ponsonby

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 8.47.12 AM.png

When it comes to innovative, creative and nutritious, no one quite does it like Little Bird & their restaurant the Unbakery. This fully plant-based, vegan-friendly option is impressive in their endeavours to excite the taste buds, while nourishing the body at the same time. Ideal if you’re looking for something lighter, and a great way to get in a whole lot of colourful veg!

Our menu pick: Summer Bird Bowl (a fresh summer bowl with slow roasted tomatoes, Kelmarna greens, marinated fennel salad, courgette pasta, avocado and ricotta stuffed courgette flower) or the Spicy Tempeh & Kelp Noodle Salad (fresh kale, carrot, cabbage, bok choy and herbs tossed with kelp noodles, shiitake mushrooms, marinated tempeh & spicy sesame dressing).


Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 7.15.04 AM.png

Order a expertly-designed Ika bowl or mix-and-match your pick of raw fish, salad, carb-rich source (e.g. rice), sauces and topping, to create a fresh and modern take on the staple Polynesian classic. With an adjustable menu option you can create a bowl tailored to your dietary preferences - we love how you can double the protein! Protein-rich foods are slower to be digested, which means you’re kept feeling full for longer.

Also awesome how they work alongside Sanford, NZ’s biggest fisheries and who have a commitment to sustainable sourcing, to ensure fresh and sustainably caught seafood for each and every bowl they whip up.

Our menu pick: Katchaflame- yellowfin/big eye tuna, spring onion, cucumber, coriander, and green chilli with wasabi soy sauce; topped with wasabi peas.