I had struggled with losing weight and keeping my health in check for awhile and now I have good balance in my life with exercise and food. I have never eaten salad so much in life and enjoyed every bite, and I even get to chuck in treats each week to stop me craving! Pairing that with the exercise I managed to lose 10kgs and feel so much better about life and myself. Thank you Kavneet for helping me get back on track!
— Patrick, Auckland
I have spent the last few years, trying to lose the weight I had gained at university. I was starting to lose serious motivation and I wasn’t sure if seeing a nutritionist, was for me.

Enter Emily.

However, from the first consult Emily made me feel so relaxed. I was able to openly talk about my eating habits without judgement, and felt comfortable to talk about my honest goals.

Emily talked me through my habits, and created a meal plan, that well, didn’t feel like a meal plan. Over the past 16 weeks, I have not only lost weight, but feel better than ever. I have learnt so much about myself in this process, and it has made a world of difference.
— Lauren, Auckland (Weight-loss Client)
I came to see Phoebe at the FFN clinic hoping to heal my ulcerative colitis naturally and lose 4kg that I had been struggling to get off. I had listened to my doctors for years, taking their prescribed drugs, and thinking it was the only way to manage my ulcerative colitis.

I had been so lucky to have been introduced to Phoebe. She provided me with a wealth of nutrition knowledge and was extremely patient to ensure I believed and followed my personalised nutrition program and provided ongoing support.

After 9 weeks I walked away, having achieved both goals I walked in with, I lost 4kg and now know how to manage my ulcerative colitis naturally through my diet and lifestyle. I am so grateful to have met Phoebe and would highly recommend anyone to work with her.
— Fidell, Auckland (Weight-loss and Specialty Client)

"Abbie at Feel Fresh Nutrition has changed my life for the better in so many ways. For years I had put up with digestive issues putting it down to 'that’s just the way I was'. But at the end of last year it really started to affect my energy levels and ability to lose body fat so it was time to take control.
Right from the start Abbie made me feel comfortable to talk about my issues. She pulled me right back to basics and talked about my relationship with food. I trusted Abbie and I trusted the process. I knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight but she would continue to work with me until we could get to the bottom of it.
Over the next couple of months not only did my stomach issues minimise, but I was also seeing a continuous loss in body fat and a huge increase in energy levels. Each session with Abbie brought more things to light and at the end we had really nailed down what foods were affecting me the most. I loved that Abbie was always really positive about not cutting things out completely but being aware of the triggers and how to minimise the affects of them.
I am so happy that I made the investment in my health and well-being, and that I was able to meet Abbie at Feel Fresh Nutrition."

- N.D. Aged 30, Auckland (Digestive Health & Weight loss client)

Danijela is truly passionate in her approach to helping her clients achieve optimal health. She has helped me with Digestive and Gut issues (IBS) taking me through the process of eliminating many foods followed by the reintroduction of testing which foods I could or could not tolerate, I haven’t felt so well for many many years.
I couldn’t have achieved such incredible results without the skilled expertise of Danijela. I certainly would recommend Danijela.
— Barbara P. Aged 70, Auckland (Digestive Health Client)

'“Dear Phoebe Thanks for everything, you’ve been amazing to work with and I feel genuinely and physically better about my health – I even looked fab in my little black dress for my birthday. You made it simple and clear to read the meal plans, and adapted them to fit my busy lifestyle. The support on the weeks I didn’t meet with you continued to ensure I was accountable. I would definitely recommend Feel Fresh Nutrition to help cement a better and healthier lifestyle.”

- Anna Thomson, 39, Auckland (weight-loss client) 

I had gotten into a bad relationship with food and exercise - under eating and over training while seeing no results. Rather than giving up food altogether I thankfully went to see Abbie and now eat more than I have in years (even carbs!) and am training less while losing weight. The best part has been repairing my relationship with food, gone are the feelings of anxiety and guilt around eating. I would recommend Abbie in a heartbeat to anyone wanting a better relationship with food.
— Michelle W. Aged 27, Auckland (Weight-loss Client)

I honestly cannot thank Feel Fresh Nutrition enough, they helped me finally start the journey on getting my stomach fully healed and I thought it would never happen. If it wasn’t for them, I probably would’ve given up and kept living with the pain. You’re amazing - thanks so much!
— Nicole W, Auckland (Digestive Health Client)

Working with Phoebe was an absolute game-changer. During our initial session via Skype, Phoebe and I worked through all my current food habits. She was so reassuring and calm, and talked me through the reasons I was feeling those serious ups and downs throughout the day, and what I could do to manage them. I couldn’t get over how “easy” the meal plan was to follow and how much I enjoy it. 

I’ve always felt encouraged, supported and accountable. To date, I've lost about 5kg! I feel great, my energy has improved drastically, I'm sleeping better, and I'm no longer hungry when I come home from work. It was exactly what I needed, and I can't thank Phoebe and the Feel Fresh team enough”. 

— Female, 29, Wellington (weight-loss skype client)

"If you are a following a vegan lifestyle, I cannot recommend Abbie enough. Veganism can be confusing with so much information online, but Abbie broke everything down for me and I am now happier, healthier and more inspired than I have ever been."

— Nicole B, Auckland (Specialty Diet Client)

Abbie's knowledge, expertise and direction helped me stay on track during my 8 week transformation challenge. I managed to shred more than 50% of my body fat (13.5% to 6.7%) and gave me lean muscle mass 'gains'. I would recommend Abbie to anyone who is looking to improve their health and lifestyle choices when it comes to exercising and what foods to eat and those to avoid.

— Matthew, Auckland (Weight-loss Client)

"I really feel like I have done something truly life changing. Best time and money spent of my life - learning and understanding nutrition and how my body functions and reacts. So thank you so much for your knowledge and teachings like I said, have learned so much and am so excited for the potential I have in the future! Getting even stronger and fitter. The platform is laid now so I can keep building!"

— Oliver, Auckland (Weight-loss Client)

“Abbie has the unique skill of making you feel empowered and strong about your body in a warm and safe environment – feelings I had never thought went together. Her passion for healthy bodies and minds as well as her knowledge is incredibly inspiring. I would recommend Abbie to all woman, young and old, if you love or need to learn to love your body, I guarantee you will leave feeling empowered, motivated and proud of who you are and what you can be.”

— Naomi, Auckland (Weight-loss Client)

" I went to see Abbie before my wedding last year to lose weight and to receive guidance around nutrition to support my training levels. I was so happy with the result I was given meal plans that were really easy to follow with food I enjoyed. It both supported my training as well as weight loss! I had a lot more energy and my performance also increased. On my wedding day I felt incredibly confident and so happy. Since then the information Abbie gave me I can use for the rest of my life."

— Christine, Auckland (Wedding Package Client)

“I have just finished a programme under Abbie’s guidance. Quite simply it has been the best thing I have done in the last 10 years - I am thrilled with the results. Abbie has been fundamental to achieving this - her programme works. Its simple, fun, balanced and realistic plus it makes sense. I would wholeheartedly recommend Feel Fresh Nutrition.”

— Nick, Auckland (Weight-loss Client)

“With a well rounded presentation, Feel Fresh Nutrition left the staff talking about them for weeks afterward! Their passion and love of nutrition made them an easy choice who we will definitely use again.”

— James, Auckland (Corporate Health Client)